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When remodeling your home it is important to take your doors and windows into consideration as well. These often-overlooked features actually play a large role in your home's overall style. Kem's Hardware & Lumber in Rensselaer, Indiana, sells Therma-Tru door and Pella windows, so you are able to pick from a number of high quality options.

When you select the doors or windows that you like, they are able to be installed by our professional carpenters as well. This means you get to sit back and relax, and simply enjoy your home. We offer historic-styled windows, energy efficient windows, and everything in-between.

The great thing about buying Therma-Tru doors is the fact that they combine great craftsmanship and style that is backed by an amazing warranty. We are able to configure virtually any style of entryway you need, and our showroom has many options for you to pick from. Visit us today and take a look.