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Need Building Materials?

Quality Paint That Is Made in America

Kem's Hardware & Lumber is an independently owned and operated company, and in keeping with the spirit of independence, it is important to us to offer our customers something that is made in America. That is why we carry products from Richard's Paint, a small regional company based in Florida. So when you buy from our store, you can take pride in the fact that you are supporting both your local and national economy.

Find the Perfect Paint for the Job

Inspiration often strikes us in the least likely moments. Sometimes the color of a car, flower, or other random object catches your eye as the perfect choice for your home. Thanks to our color matching system, you can get any color of paint you want! Let us match the color you love and mix it while you wait.

All of the Products You Need to Do the Job Right

Once you have the perfect paint, it is time to choose the perfect tools for the job. We offer a variety of sundries to help you complete your work. When you start with quality paint and applicators, your job becomes easier and takes less time.